2011 BACKCHAT Until Never Melbourne
2011 BLACK + BLUE Iain Dawson Gallery Sydney
2010 ISLANDS, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne
2008 7 YEAR ITCH, John Miller Galleries Newcastle
2008 UNAUSTRALIAN Watt Space Newcastle
2008 Tell ‘Im He’s Dreamin‘, Pod Space Newcastle
2007 GOLD, Watt Space Newcastle
2007 WHITE, Watt Space Newcastle
2005 Plot, Field Newcastle
2005 Carpetry, Rocketart Newcastle
2004 THE GOLDEN PONY Watt Space Newcastle

2011 New Acquisitions Newcastle Region Art Gallery, Newcastle
2011 Signal 8, Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong
2011 Citizen Collectors Newcastle Region Art Gallery, Newcastle
2011 FEMMES & HOMMES John Buckley Gallery, Melbourne
2011 NEW GOLD ISLANDS, Podspace, Newcastle
2010 NO ARTIST IS AN ISLAND, Lock-Up Cultural Center, Newcastle
2010 SHOW OFF, Broodbox Gallery, Melbourne
2010 Blender Studios, Melbourne
2009 UN-EARTHED, Off the Kerb, Melbourne
2009 20:20 20th Anniversary Watt Space Newcastle
2009 STEEL CITY BOYS, MOP Projects Sydney
2009 Minding Animals, Lock Up Gallery Newcastle
2008 Make Believe C3 Gallery Melbourne
2008 SAY MY NAME 3rd Year Graduate Exhibition Watt Space Newcastle
2008 Black White, School Of Fine Art Gallery University of Newcastle
2008 safARI, MOP Projects Sydney
2008 Make Do, Watt Space Newcastle
2007 >PINK, John Miller Gallery
2006 Piece by Piece, Field Newcastle
2005 %MONGREL Watt Space Newcastle
2005 Yellow Sock Brigade, Watt Space Newcastle
2005 Wish You Were Here, Watt Space Newcastle
2005 Fibremix, Muswellbrook Regional Art Gallery
2005 Nightmare, Field Newcastle
2005 Cinema, Field Newcastle
2004 Alphabet, Field Newcastle

2012 Collaboration, Rittenhouse, Sydney
2011 Lullaby Pieces of Eight Gallery, Melbourne
2011 You Look Terrific Babe, Citylights Projects, Melbourne
2010 HOME, video commission, Duetsche Bank Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland

Hammocks and Honey EP Vinyl Cover Art, Melbourne Oct 2010
Safari Harriet Fesq Runway Issue 12 – Make Believe 2008
No Copyright on Culture Greg Ray Newcastle Herald September 2008
Open Gallery Josephine Tovey Sydney Morning Herald 2008
Edgy Thoughts Anita Beaumont Newcastle Herald July 2008

Duetsche Bank
Newcastle Region Art Gallery
Private Collections